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Learn About Grace Rewards Points

Earn Grace Reward Points and Save Money

Grace Complexions has made saving easy by offering Grace Rewards Points. When you create an account at Grace Complexions you have the choice to opt into the Grace Rewards System. When you are a part of the Grace Rewards Points System you are rewarded for your site participation as well as earning points on your purchases.

Let’s check out the ways to earn points and save with Grace Complexions Rewards Points.

“Sign Up, Login Daily, and Purchase”

1. Earn 30 Grace Reward Points when you sign up for an account at Grace Complexions:

Jump start your savings points with 30 Grace Reward Points just for creating an account at Grace Complexions!

30 Grace Reward Points awarded one time only upon account creation.

2. Earn 2 Grace Reward Points for Daily Login to Grace Complexions:

After creating an account at Grace Complexions you are rewarded every time you visit and login at Grace Complexions.

2 Grace Reward Points awarded for a single login per day.

3. Earn 30 Grace Reward Points for your First Purchase at Grace Complexions:

Grace Complexions Thanks You for becoming an active customer and will reward you 30 Grace Reward Points for your First Purchase.

30 Grace Reward Points awarded after first purchase is marked as completed by Grace Complexions. (Points will not be rewarded right away, they will be rewarded after you receive your shipment and when order is marked completed at Grace Complexions.)

4. Earn 3% back on all purchases at Grace Complexions:

Percentage is awarded in Grace Reward Points.

Points awarded will vary based on cart total. Example – 3% back on a $100 cart total at Grace Complexions will reward you with 30 Grace Reward Points.

Keep reading to learn more ways to earn…

“Earn Grace Rewards Points and Save on Purchases.”

“Get Social with Grace Complexions”

Share your favorite Products and Blog Posts from Grace Complexions with your friends and family on Facebook and Instagram.

“Refer a Friend”

5. Earn 5 Grace Reward Points when you refer a friend to shop at Grace Complexions.

On your Grace Complexions “My Account” page, you can generate a referral link to send to a friend. When your unique referral link is sent, the recipient will have 5 days to sign up using the link you provided. After the recipients account is at least 14 days old you will then receive 5 Grace Reward Points.

*A Relevant Blog Post is a post within the Beauty and Wellness, Home and Lifestyle, and Family and Fun categories. Grace Complexions Admin will review submitted Blog Posts for grammar, accuracy and relevance to category. Not All submissions will be accepted. Accepted Blog Posts may be subject to a wait before its posted. Please send your Blog Post to [email protected] for consideration.

If you are feeling generous you may share your Grace Reward Points and send some to a friend. There is a section on your “My Account” page where you may send points to a friend. Use our pre filled message or send your own!

*Maximum Points To Be Earned Threshold is 300 Grace Reward Points.

**Grace Reward Points Must Be Used Within 45 Days. Points Not Used Within 45 Days Will Start To Expire.

“Review a Product”

6. Earn 10 Grace Reward Points for a Product Review.

We appreciate your thoughts on products sold at Grace Complexions, and your review may help others deciding on making a purchase.

10 Grace Reward Points will be awarded to a purchased user Review after it has been approved by Grace Complexions Admin.

7. Earn 10 Grace Reward Points when you comment on a Blog Post.

Keep the conversation going on topics you’re interested in and post a comment.

10 Reward Points awarded after comment is approved by Grace Complexions Admin. Points awarded for only one posted comment per user.

“Submit a Blog Post”

8. Earn 300 Grace Reward Points for contributing a *Relevant Blog Post.

Is Grace Complexions Blog Lacking? Are you confident in producing quality content? If so Grace Complexions is willing to host your article.

300 Reward points will be awarded after a *Relevant Blog Post is reviewed and accepted by Grace Complexions Admin. Reward Points will be awarded manually to your account by Grace Complexions Admin after acceptance.

“Get Social and Earn Points”

9. Earn Grace Reward Points When you Like Us On Facebook, or by Sharing any Blog Post or Product with your friends on Facebook.

Earn 3 Grace Reward Points when you use the Facebook Like Button on any Product Page or Blog Post.

Earn 8 Grace Reward Points when you use the Facebook Share Button on any Product page or Blog Post. We appreciate you spreading the word about Grace Complexions.

Points are awarded instantly. 1 Like or Share per Product or Post per user per day.

10. Earn 6 Grace Reward Points when you Follow Grace Complexions on Instagram.

6 Grace Reward Points awarded when you use the Instagram Button on any Product or Blog Post Page.


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